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Easy to get started. No more visits to race course. No more travelling. Sit at home comfort in your chair and bet your favourite horses from all over the
world. More than 40 countries covered exclusively for Horse Racing. Yes. The King of Sports.
You bet like King from your own Kingdom that is your own Home.

I bet on US, UK, Ireland, India, Australia, South Africa, Dubai and Asian and European countries sitting at home without Passport/Visa. Isn?t that amazing?
I suggest you also take a look at website before going to bet365 or betfair. Plus you are getting Free Signup Bonus of 50 Euros. That's awesome free bet to get
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Follow these simple steps to get started today. Credit card is preferred but depending on your country it may vary. You can deposit and withdraw via Bank, Credit
card, Debit card or Neteller and more options are available.
There is no state or country restrictions. You are the King and you choose race and horse. Win/Place and more markets are available. Accumulators are more popular.

Step 1:
Click banner below to register for the account.

Step 2:
After opening account, login to your account and deposit amount.
If you do not have credit card, you can always use Neteller.
All Banks Credit and Debit cards are accepted with Neteller.
Click below banner to open account with Neteller.

Video on how to open and deposit with Neteller

Here is the link to a video guide which shows you how to create a Neteller account, how to fund it and finally how to deposit funds from Neteller to betting website.


Step 3:
On left side of the screen, all centers are listed. Click any venue to bet. You can also watch racing live on website.



What Punter's said:

Thanks so much for this! I had never had a bet online before, as I had always found it difficult to understand. The free tenner offer allowed me to play around with lots of small bets and get the hang of it. Hopefully, I now won’t have to deposit at all, as my bankroll is over 100 quid now. This was all built up from the original free tenner, so I am well chuffed. It’s a shame I can’t make Placepot bets on RaceBets.com, but other than that the site is excellent. Thanks again for the free offer!

JH (Swindon, UK)


Ten pounds isn’t a lot, but I was pleased that I didn’t have to bet it all in one go. I’ve used it to make lots of each-way bets. I’m amazed they can off this, especially without asking for credit card or bank details. Please publish details if you find any other offers like this.

AL (Dundee, UK)


Great deal, thanks a lot! I bet Italian racing only and they have it.

GM (Rome, Italy)


I like the fact they only cover racing. There is no betting on other sports, or casino offers. Makes it a lot less confusing. I lost my bonus money, then I deposited 20 and lost that as well, but I do like the site.

EY (Stafford UK)


A great bonus offer and I cannot get it on any German sites. RaceBets is the biggest one in Germany, although we do not have so many betting sites here. There isn’t so many meetings and I prefer to bet on UK races, although there is also markets for German racing on RaceBets. I have doubled my money, betting on all-weather races, so I am happy.

MH (Essen, Germany)


Brilliant free bet offer and 2 others in my office have now claimed it. All the major Asian meetings are covered. We bet on racing in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. There is live streaming for Singapore and HK.

SS (Bedok, Singapore)


Thanks for the free betting bankroll and the tips. Will you have any other offers for Cheltenham?

AN (Croydon, UK)


Well done for getting this offer! I am betting and winning, so far. One part of the site that could be better is how they display the starting prices before the race has started. Customer support told me this is just a guide, but it is confusing. The fixed odds betting is fine and I saw they were top rice on the favourite quite a few times on Oddschecker.

PL (Liverpool, UK)